Healthy Communities

Healthy community planning encompasses a broad range of issues—including air quality, food access, safety, open space, walkability, and transit access—that can impact an individual's wellbeing. Although much of DVRPC's work already focuses on these topics, healthy communities planning brings an additional awareness that the decisions we make regarding the built and natural environments can affect how healthy people can be.

Recent Publications

Browns Mills Bicycle and Pedestrian Action Plan

Trenton Air Quality and Health Study

Cultivating Camden: A Status Update

Camden Health Element

Healthy Communities Task Force

The Healthy Communities Task Force (HCTF) meets to discuss the intersection of public health and planning and identify opportunities for partnership and collaboration.

Camden Healthy Communities Initiatives

In recent years, Camden City has seen a renewed focus on supporting healthy living and greater community wellbeing. Many individuals and organizations—from city government to large corporations to nonprofits—are striving to change policies, places, and behaviors to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to be healthy. With the support of the Campbell Soup Company, staff have undertaken a number of projects to improve health outcomes and increase livability in Camden.

Food System Planning

Regional food system planning across Greater Philadelphia builds on the many agricultural, transportation/distribution, retail, and community assets in order to address the diverse challenges that face our food system.

Age-Friendly Communities

DVRPC seeks to address ways that planners and policymakers can make places better for aging, specifically around transportation, housing, and public spaces.

Air Quality Partnership
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